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We are excited to welcome back Lori Longthorne, who has been A prior IGNITE volunteer and Board of Directors since the establishment of IGNITE.


Throughout Lori’s career in Information Technology (IT), she never lost sight of “human connections”.  While Information Technology is the bridge (the tool) that connect us, her joy comes from the human connections and experiences that technology provides us. Lori shares, “Inclusion drives innovation, it is not until every voice in the room has shared their feedback that we truly develop solutions that work for us all. Inclusion starts by not only voicing your opinion, but making sure you first have a seat at the table, a ticket to the party, and are invited to be part of the conversation, so that your voice is heard. IGNITE is that invitation to the party and sets the tone for students and their careers at a crucial time in their lives prior to graduating high school”.


She is excited to leverage her skills of connecting people throughout the community (innovative speaker opportunities), while inspiring students to pursue careers in STEM focused fields through stories, inspiration, and sharing lessons learned and best practices.


Learn more about Lori on Linkedin:


Award winning leader with strong business transformation skills. Proven track record of working closely with colleagues to quickly identify business challenges, develop and deploy change management plans, and leverage innovative solutions that empower teams to succeed! While travelling and living around the globe and working at Boeing, Microsoft, Hitachi, Bridge Partners, Expedia, and Alaska Airlines, she leverages strengths in role as an expert communicator and IT experience (depth and breadth) acquired throughout roles as: Director, Chief of Staff, Senior Manager (Program/Product/Customer Service), Communications Manager, Women in IT Lead, and prior IGNITE Board of Directors.


While working at Microsoft she was awarded the coveted Circle of Excellence award for leading the Women in IT efforts, and the remarkable collaboration between Microsoft and IGNITE. She was also a joint recipient in Washington DC when the IGNITE Organization received their STEM focused award on the house floor of Congress in Washington DC several years ago.






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