Ava, a student in Seattle Public Schools, and her parents explain how IGNITE has made an impact in their lives.

Ava:  Going to Microsoft and participating in IGNITE was a really fun, educational, and amazing experience. Before I went on the field trip I didn’t want to pursue computer science or coding as a career. But now I think it’s really something I’d like to try.


Ava’s Parents: Ava always has fun on field trips, but the IGNITE trip to Microsoft was the first time Ava had a chance to visit and learn firsthand about a company. She knew of Microsoft but said she never really thought of it in terms of the people that work there. She really enjoyed seeing the campus and thought the women of Microsoft were really cool and friendly. The experience got her thinking about her future — thinking if someday maybe she could work for Microsoft.


Ava:  Before I went to Mircosoft and heard the IGNITE panel, I never wanted to do anything with computer science or coding. I never thought I could do it because I wasn’t that good at coding. But one of the panel members story about how she didn’t know anything about coding and decided to just try it, really got me thinking that I didn’t have to be super good at it or know a lot about it, to just try coding. Now I think it’s something that I’d want to do.

Ava’s Parents: One story Ava shared changed her point of view on coding. Ava said that before visiting Microsoft, she didn’t have much interest in coding. She was a bit intimidated because she doesn’t know much about it. However, she was inspired, when during a panel discussion a panel member said she didn’t understand anything about coding before giving it a try. Now Ava inspired to learn coding.

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