Hosting IGNITE Students at Your Company

As a Corporate Technology Partner with IGNITE Worldwide, you can host an IGNITE Field Trip at your location! We will arrange for a group of girls/non-binary students to visit your company for a 3-4 hour Field Trip, usually from 10am-1pm. We suggest the following agenda:

  • 10 minutes: Greet students, introductions, point out restrooms
  • 20 minutes: Tour of offices/locations of interest
  • 45 minutes: STEM-related activity in small groups each mentored by company volunteer(s)
  • 45 minutes: Groups present activity results/solutions to the larger group

Lunch is typically provided by the hosting company and can be as simple as pizza or sandwiches! Lunch can take place during the Panel presentation or between the Activity and Panel.


Please have a company volunteer follow our Panel Facilitator Script to lead the panel and have all panel speakers take our 10-minute volunteer training before the field trip.

  • 45 minutes: Panel speakers share their story for 3-5 minutes each
  • 45 minutes: Panel Q&A with the students
  • 15 minutes: Closing and time for students to fill out survey

The essence of any IGNITE event is when the girls get to hear the stories of the women on the Panel. This is often a life-changing moment for girls, who realize that they too are capable of finding success in a STEM field. The women who speak also often are rewarded with a renewed sense of appreciation for their careers and the ability to impact girls' perception of STEM. It’s a win-win triumph!

"At every event, there is this magical moment when I get to see a girl light up with excitement when something clicks, whether it’s writing code or listening to a woman in tech with whom they have a shared experience.

That’s the moment when I can tell they’ve suddenly been able to see themselves in a tech career, and it’s my favorite part of the day!"

- IGNITE Volunteer, Microsoft

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