Advisory Board


Ed is a Senior Program Manager in Azure Engineering at Microsoft. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, an MBA in Technology Management, and he has been a teacher at Bellevue College. He ran Microsoft customer feedback programs for Azure Development and Platform, as well as Visual Studio and Small Basic. (Check out his Small Basic book.) He now publishes a pipeline of content (whitepapers, articles, samples, e-books) for AzureCAT (Customer Advisory team). He holds 5 patent awards for multi-touch designs on Microsoft Surface, as well as 13 Microsoft Hackathon awards for innovations in Help, Search, and Computer Programming (for kids and girls).

By teaming up with legends like LizHollyMeganChandlerKristiKarin, and Jenn, he loves to help IGNITE Worldwide run Small Basic coding workshops, which teach thousands of girls how to code. He’s passionate about helping tackle the 10 challenges he sees girls face in computer science education.

Before Microsoft, he worked at Disneyland (ask about the “vomiting on Tea Cups” story), worked on videogames for Nintendo (such as Tetris and Pikmin), as well as for IBM, Jaleco, and Square/Enix, and he ran two animation studios, creating CG cartoons (fruits and bugs, for example). He is a father of 5 children (four girls); his children begin learning programming starting at age 4. Find Ed on LinkedIn. For a list of his publications, see Ed Price – Bibliography.

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