Praises Orji

My name is Praises Orji and I am a rising senior at Thomas Jefferson High School and I am so happy to be here! 

As a child I remembered the lack of exposure the STEM Fields had in regards to women. I remember watching TV and seeing how the scientist, hackers, technicians, and all these amazing jobs and roles always seemed to always be played by male leads. 

Growing up with this one sided story I never really saw myself ever being interested in any of the STEM Fields. 

During my sophomore year in high school I had the opportunity to be a participant of the IGNITE program. While their I made many connections and I heard many stories that inspired me to relook the STEM Fields and see if it could be the right choice for me. 

Due to the help of the IGNITE program I was able to not only confidently apply to the Microsoft High School internship but also get it. I am currently working as an IT intern at Federal Way Public Schools and during the summer I have the honor of working at Microsoft my Senior year. 

With this being said I would like to thank the IGNITE program for allowing me to finally experience the full narrative of the STEM Fields.

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