Sunitha Muthukrishna

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft


Sunitha Muthukrishna is Program Manger in Pro Dev team at Microsoft which provides a platform as a service for developers to build wesbites , mobile backends and various other microservices. Currently she works on various Open source technologies ( Linux , PHP , Python ) and drive adoption for these technologies in Azure. She is collaborating with IGNITE to modernize the teaching programs and bring the knowledge of programming on the Cloud to Girls through IGNITE.

How has IGNITE inspired you?

Ignite give these girls confidence and the tools to introduce technology. Ignite provides them with support , guidance and networking with other women professionals from various companies. This helps open up a new world for these kids. Ignite has inspired me to give back to the community and share my learnings with these girls.

Why are you involved in IGNITE?

IGNITE is investing in these girls future and showing them that there are no boundaries for their success . Technology is not just for coders but there is a lot more to it . Girls who love to write or girls who love to draw have a place in Tech world as designers and content writers . There is a place for everyone !

What would you like the wider community to know about IGNITE?

IGNITE is encouraging the next generation of women leaders in the Technology space and we surely need more diversity in this industry to bring out the brightest ideas to the forefront.

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