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Our volunteers range from sharing their career journeys in technology, to becoming regular mentors inspiring self-identifying girls and non-binary students to explore opportunities in STEM.

“So many of these girls are like me. They are bright & curious, but so involved with trying just to make it that they can’t see all the opportunities available to them. IGNITE really makes a difference by helping them to see some of the things they might have missed.”

— Joanne Brandsma, Center of Excellence Program Manager, Microsoft

“The stories of the women from Cisco and Microsoft who become successful despite their struggles being the only women in male-dominated fields reminded me of my own struggles to fit in at Ballard. My first thought was “Wow, they are just like me.” I was inspired by how they were able to work through their obstacles and succeed.”

— Martha Flores, IGNITE student, University of Washington

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Whether you have 5 hours or 50 hours

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IGNITE Volunteer Opportunities:


The heart of IGNITE’s curriculum are the in-school panel discussions featuring professional women in STEM careers: sharing their career journey with a group of self-identifying girls and non-binary students (anywhere from 20-100 students).

Panelist responsibilities include:

Panelists are asked to give a 10-minute talk about their own experience and there is an open Q&A session with the girls at the end. Volunteer time is approximately 90 minutes including a lunch, not including travel time. Sessions are scheduled October – May during the school year.

Read IGNITE Panel Presentation Flyers for more detail.





IGNITE is looking for professionals willing to establish one or more 1:1 relationships with current students, providing guidance and answering questions over email or in person as desired.

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Guest Speakers

Professionals willing to provide solo talks to IGNITE chapters at a time of your choosing during the school day on a subject related to careers in science and technology. We typically plan for 60-90 minutes per session, not including travel time.

Read IGNITE Panel Presentation Flyers  for more detail.




Company Field Trips

If your company is open to hosting girls on field trip events – please visit this page for more information or contact us.

Having self-identifying girls and non-binary students visit companies in their communities is an important part of the program that inspires the students, creates good community participation, and gives employees a chance to help self-identifying girls and non-binary students in local schools.

Learn more about how our Corporate Technology Partners work with IGNITE.



Chapter Champions

If an IGNITE chapter does not exist in your area, consider becoming a Chapter Champion to serve as the local liaison to establish a lasting IGNITE presence in a specific school district.

Chapter Champion responsibilities include:

Meeting with school district officials or STEM educators.  Assisting in or leading fundraising efforts (approximate startup costs for an IGNITE chapter are $2,500- $5,000).  Outreach to establish a base of local professionals to serve as panelists and speakers. Contact if you are interested in becoming a Charter Champion.


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