Take Your Seat At The Table: Building Credibility

Cathi Rodgveller moderated a Panel of 4 STEM professionals with a room of 200+ women.

12:00 – 12:50 Panel introduction, discussion (50 minutes)

12:51 – 1:30 Breakout sessions (40 minutes)

1:31 – 2:00 Regroup, group readouts, Q&A (30 minutes)

Discussion Questions

1-What does it mean to you, when you hear take your seat at the table?

2-What does leadership mean to you?

3- What is your leadership style?  For the women-As a woman have you had to do it differently than men?

4-How do you build credibility as a leader? And in different stages of your career?

5-As a woman have you had any obstacles or challenges in particular because you are a woman leader?  (I think it can be helpful to our audience to look at what our challenges have been and how we have solved them whatever gender we are.)

6- How do you inspire others when you are in leadership?


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